Anxiety Crossing: New Normal

This is a one to one (or two) performance where you can choose how to access it, by phone, by text, online or on animal crossing.

How will you live your new life? Closed Forum presents the [...] Getaway Package, the ultimate [...] escape.

[...] Celebrate [...]. [...] in real-time and reveal new events and activities.

Gather friends for [...] adventures. Local or Online Play. Up to two players can play on a single island.

Additional controllers sold separately.

Anxiety Crossing is a one to one (or two) performance where the performer is not present and takes place wherever you are.

Anxiety Crossing is a short interactive performance piece that takes place online. It addresses the barriers of access and engagement of online art and the passiveness of the watching performances online. The work looks at anxiety, stress and the "distractions" of social media and the internet.

Originally shared at UnShut Festival 2020 this work can be presented at festivals.