Closed Forum is art and performance made by Matt Allen. A key example of this work is 'The Journey' which was developed in 2018.
The Journey is an interactive artwork created with the open source storytelling platform Twine. 

Twine uses CSS and Html Code to create branching pathways where the participants decisions change the narrative based on pre written texts by the author. 

The Journey tells a story on your mobile device that takes you on a trip around real word locations. Each experience is different and has dozens of endings depending on what decisions were made and what information is handed over by the participant throughout. Multiple versions of this project have been developed throughout 2018, with support from Leeds Inspired funding and support from Compass Festival of Live Art. 

The work is set to an original music score, which plays different music depending on your choices. Different versions included city wide adventures and exploring cultural landmarks. Throughout my R&D in 2019 I will develop new ways of working with this tech. Since launching in July 2018 The Journey has had 9,418 participants. 

As the work lives over thousand of web pages it is difficult to give a clear indication of what my work is on one web page, however I have included images, video and sound files. 

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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First 10mins of The Journey BETA Leeds Version

To test the beta version click HERE

What Participants See:

HTML Code To make it work:

Examples of pages in the BETA version



DINNER WITH (Headphones) is a one to one performance where the audience member sits and enjoys some food and drink with Matt. 

"Sit down and share a meal. 
Share a drink. 

Share headphones."

When you touch the food, drink or items on the table in this one to one performance it changes the soundscape, it changes the story and it creates a unique experience. 

Developed with the support of East Street Arts