The Idea:

Anxiety Arcade is a digital artwork developed for public spaces and a version for online audiences. The work explores mental health, anxiety, isolation and depression through an interactive artwork designed to look and feel like a retro arcade game. Housed inside an arcade machine the work takes the form of a visual album, where each room is an interactive puzzle that has to be solved by the end of a song. Created with audio designer and sound artist Jack The Robot, the work captures the unique asphetic that Adam and Matt (closed forum) have created toegther in their last few projects. 


Building on the sucess of their last few projects, Anxiery Arcade works with new collaborators and embeds artist and audience care at the heart of the work. It envisages what digital interactive experiences look like in a world with social distancing, a lack of physical intimacy and a landcsape with a rising mental health crisis. 




In the R&D we will explore the different ways that our ideas can be presented to audiences through a series of interactive workshops. We will build on our experience of digital artworks, performance and game design through experimentation and mentoring from experts in the sector. 

  • We will create Anxiety Arcade a digital artwork for public spaces

  • We will create a shorter online version for marketing and to expand the reach / give the work legacy

  • We will utilise our time with mentors to build avenues for future sharings

  • We will create a sound track with artist Jack The Robot

  • We will deliver three workshops online

  • We will share experiences and information through three online talks