The Journey is an interactive story that takes you on a trip around Bramley (Leeds, LS13) 

It looks at history, legacy and the anxiety caused by deciding your place in the world. Experience The Journey on your phone while walking to real world locations as you play. The decisions you make change the way the narrative unfolds. 

This version is in Open Alpha Testing and uses mobile data to play. (Download version coming soon)
Please give feedback after you take part. 
You can try this experience at any time, with any group size. Your decisions may send you off in different directions. Stay safe. 


Please play on mobile in landscape mode.
It is intended to be played outside. 

Put in headphones and click here to begin.


To play the original city wide version of The Journey: Click Here

Story, Art, Design, Code & Music by Matt Allen


Supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council.

Leeds Inspired is part of the city’s cultural programme that celebrates arts events and projects throughout the year, supporting high quality, accessible cultural experiences for Leeds’ residents and visitors. Founded in 2012, Leeds Inspired supports culture in the city through grants schemes, commissions and a ‘What’s On’ events website. Leeds Inspired is part of Leeds City Council.


Compass Festival  supported The Journey in their 2018 Festival and as part of their 2019 Bursary programme.. A new version taking place in Leeds LS13 area has been created to be part of the festival. See more details >> Here.<<