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A Digital Leeds is an online world created by Closed Forum and commissioned by Leeds 2023. 

Launched as part of Leeds Digital Festival in April 2021 A Digital Leeds is a platform to host artist talks, workshops, conferences, events and artists work. 


Before you join, watch this short video to check out A Digital Leeds.

A Digital Leeds is a playful online world for Leeds 2023 that will continue to evolve and grow in the run up to and during the Year of Culture.


How to use:


We recommend watching the how to use video above before entering. 

A Digital Leeds runs on the online platform Gather.Town and it is recommended you access it on a chrome or edge web browser.  

  • Gather is a spatial video chat application, where moving closer to other users allows you to see and hear them (just like real life!).

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD on your Keyboard to move. 

  • Press X to interact with objects that glow

  • Walk up to people to talk to them

  • On the right side of the screen, a list of participants will be listed. You can search the participants you’d like to interact with. A direction line will show up, just follow that to reach who you want to talk to. 

Don't worry if you forget any of this. Instructions are inside the world too!




1 Change your display name / Change your avatar

2 Change your online status / sign in / sign out / reset your position if you get lost

3 Open the mini map / Close the mini map

4 Screen share to people stood close to you

5 Emote!


The video below is a full tour of A Digital Leeds to help you orientate yourself. If you are attending Forest As Research, you may want to come back later to watch this if you need to. 

How to build


To build, use the hammer icon on the left-hand side.

If you are attending Forest As Research, you can watch this video inside Gather Town and go right ahead and enter!



How to enter:


You can Sign up for an account on Gather.Town with your e-mail / Google Account or enter without an account by clicking the link below to enter A Digital Leeds. 


When you join, please enter your name (as it would appear on a name tag) to join, so others can identify you, and select your devices such as your camera and microphone. Allow permissions so that Gather can use your mic and camera. Click on “Join the Gathering”.


Upon entry, you will be in the lobby. A window will open with the message “Welcome to Gather”. It has a link to the tutorial, which you can skip or watch.


You need a password to enter. The password is leeds2023

Click here to join A Digital Leeds


If you have any issues entering please e-mail EmmaBeverley@leeds2023.co.uk 

A Digital Leeds - Exploring A Digital Wo

Access Information


To see the full access information Click Here.



A Digital Leeds - Exploring A Digital Wo