• Matt Allen (Closed Forum)

Are you watching?

I enjoy being a solo artist.

I enjoy sitting up at 2am scribbling notes in a pad or typing with only the light of my phone.

I also enjoy sharing my work with others, getting input from other artists and working with others to develop ideas.

I started thinking about my website the other day.

It is the way people read this blog (probably no one)

It is the way people see about my old work (that I often take down)

It is the way people will access a lot of my future work. (Oh crap)

Why oh Crap?

It isn't a great website.

It is also the thing I send people to when I am looking for funding or commissions.

It works, it is functional and it lets people access any interactive web based games or art I put up there. But it also has the opportunity to get seen by a lot of people and it may be the first thing they see when looking for my work.

Mission for September: Create something that is interesting, engaging interactive art ... that also IS my website.