• Matt Allen (Closed Forum)

Game Maker Language

After starting to hit barriers in what I can and can't do in Twine I started to look for something with an easy to learn coding language that isn't as steep a learning curve as C++.

I came across Game Maker Studio 2 and was impressed that (if you pay) you can release the game to Html5 and a bunch of other formats to actually publish for game consoles, which may be useful way down the line.

After following a tutorial and downloading sample assets I managed to make a game, a one screen never ending shooter. The game calculates score, detects object collisions, sets hit boxes for objects, has a very simple .wav sound effect and a lot of other stuff going on behind the scenes for what is essentially a very simple game. I am still on the 1 month trial so I can't export, so if you are interested - here is how it looks.