• Matt Allen (Closed Forum)


Often in the past I have created music for performances, exhibitions, and interactive artworks.

This has been made through samples, loops and recorded voice.

I have found that this is limiting so I have decided that I want to work with equipment to be able to play, trigger and edit sounds, notes and loops.

I met with artist and musician Fran Burndey (see: ) to discuss her set up and software used.

This has opened up lots of new interests for me and inspired me to invest in more equipment and decent Digital Audio Workstation (DAW.) I have gone with Roli Products as they are a modular set up that I can expand on over time and have useful training tools, videos and software.

The image is of a Roli SeaBoard, Loop block, light block and live block. I am using this with noise on ios and Roli Connect with audacity and Ableton.