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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This week I (properly) stated my 6 month R&D. Here is how it went:

- Updated website separating current and old work

- Attended Sky's "Coding Club" at Leeds Dock, a free monthly coding workshop. I learned how to rename my apps and make logos show up when they are transferred to android. Learned that I have to pay to make ios apps (thanks apple)

- Met with artist Ellie Harrison to talk about artist and audience care and how to ensure my work informs audiences what they will be experiencing without "spoilers" (my word not Ellie's) Absolute privilege to spend the day learning from her years of experience making thoughtful and engaging work.

- Met with Eleanor Snare to get a coaching session for the price of a coffee. Thought about my social media output and the balance between by art and the work I do at Live Art Bistro.

Would recommend this to any

Experimented with Noise (ios) making sounds using music samples and 90s video game sounds.

Travelled to Brighton to meet with Blast Theory (tomorrow). Updated website on the train and wrote this. Nervous.

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